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Preparing Windows and Skylights for Winter WeatherWinter has arrived and many homeowners are looking for ways to winterize their home. By winterizing your home, you can save more than 30% on your heating bills. There are many ways you can winterize your home. Many of these things you can accomplish yourself in a few hours’ time.

Prepping windows
The most common ways to prep your windows for the winter months is caulking, weather stripping, and covering. No matter which methods you choose, start with sparkling clean windows. Clean windows allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter your windows, warming the rooms in your home naturally.

Caulking your windows is an inexpensive way to ensure you stay cozy during the winter months. Start by patching any cracks around your window frames on the both inside and outside of your home. If there is caulk already in place, check it carefully as it may need replacing. Use a scraping tool to remove any old caulk and then liberally apply removable caulk. Wipe away any excess caulk with a soft cloth, and then let it dry completely.

Weather stripping or covering your windows is critical for keeping your home insulated in the winter. Most home improvement stores carry kits for weather stripping and materials to cover your windows.

Replacing your windows
After cleaning and inspecting your windows, you may find that some windows will need to be replaced. Energy efficient windows are a great improvement, but the cost can be expensive. However, you can recoup your costs in the long run by saving a modest amount on your yearly heating costs (depending on the type of windows installed and the size of your home) and you may also qualify for a federal tax credit up to $1,500.

Skylights Maintenance
If your homes have skylights, it is important they be winterized as well. Have your skylights inspected by a professional for damaged claddings or flashings. Remove any debris that may have accumulated around the exterior of the skylight. Wash the glass part of the skylight and clean the interior frames. If your skylights have screens, remove them and spray with a garden hose. Let a professional check the mechanics of your skylights as well.

Preparing your windows and skylights for the winter should not take more than an afternoon of your time. By properly winterizing your windows and skylights, you can ensure a level of comfort throughout the winter months and a savings to your energy bill.

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