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Cockroaches are some of the most unwanted pests in the world. Not only are cockroaches unusually large compared to many of the other more tolerable insects we see inside our homes, but they also spread disease, cause damage to a home’s interior, and can be downright creepy in the middle of the night. And homeowners with a roach problem know first-hand that they’re not much better in broad daylight either.

When attempting to get rid of cockroaches, the best first step is to learn about cockroaches’ likes and dislikes. Cockroaches are nocturnal and they don’t like light, so you won’t see many of them during the day. While they’ll eat nearly anything, they prefer sweets, oils, and water. Although cockroaches are difficult to kill, we can use the things they like to bait them for more successful pest control.

The following home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches are ones that you can likely utilize immediately using items you already have around the house. If all else fails and you continue to spot cockroaches inside your home, consider getting help from a professional pest control company with the skills and expertise to stop cockroaches at the source.

 Soapy water spray. Like many insects, roaches breath through their skin. Roaches are attracted to water and their slick bodies shed water to allow them to continue breathing while wet. But soapy water can kill a roach almost instantly because it adheres to their bodies and prevents them from breathing. If you see roaches around your home, keep a spray bottle close at hand for immediate roach relief.

 Homemade roach traps. Use old coffee grounds in water, sugar water, or just plain water to lure roaches into a trap they can’t escape from. Use a tall glass jar with a tapered top if possible, to make the trap harder to get out of, because roaches can walk on walls and even ceilings.

Fill the bottom of the jar with an inch or two of your water solution and leave it out for roaches at night. Put the jar next to a wall or create a cardboard plank to help them get into the trap. Be prepared to dispose of your roach soup each morning.

 Roach bait. Cockroach bait is a step closer to permanently removing roaches from your home than the previous remedies, because the roaches take it back to the nest to feed to other roaches. You can purchase a commercial roach bait or use boric acid, which is less toxic to humans and animals, although you will still want to keep it away from your kids and pets.

Mix equal parts boric acid, sugar, and flour. Leave this powdery roach delicacy wherever you suspect roaches are coming into your home. In a home with small children or curious pets, try placing the bait at the back of a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity with a childproof device installed on the door.

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