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What Race Is Bruno Mars?Answering this question will take a little bit of time. Bruno Mars is American, Asian, European, Filipino, Hawaiian, Hispanic, Hungarian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Spanish and Ukrainian. With such a long list, how do we answer the question, “What race is Bruno Mars?”

Some genealogists believe that this is not a good question because race is not really a construct that exists. This subject has been in the news recently because of the election of President Barack Obama, and this brought to the forefront the fact that many people in America are multi-racial.

Fewer Single Race Families

It is becoming increasingly rare to find people who claim to be 100 percent of one racial group. The same can be said for those who have one parent of one racial background and the other of another background. A family like Bruno Mars’ or Barack Obama’s is beginning to be the norm in this country. What this will mean in the future is that most families are going to look a lot more like the following description of Bruno Mars’ family.

Bruno Mars’ father is Puerto Rican, his mother is Filipina and their son is often described as being Hawaiian-born. However, there is much more to Mars’ racial makeup than this. A relative from Hungary and Ukraine gives him 25 percent of his Jewish roots. Furthermore, several other U.S. states also can claim a piece of Bruno Mars with relatives hailing from California, New York, Nevada and Texas.

Patiently Waiting to Become a Citizen

Bruno Mars’ Ukrainian ancestor was a Hebrew teacher who bucked the trend and arrived in America for the first time at Galveston, Texas. This relative’s wife, however, did make her way to her new home by way of Ellis Island. This ancestor is also notable for having been prohibited from obtaining his U.S. citizenship. This relative was patient, and waited 20 years to become a naturalized citizen after he also changed his name.

Mixed Roots Beginning in the 1800s

It’s less unusual for families in America to be less homogenous, but Bruno Mars’ family embarked on this journey all the way back in the 1800s. His Spanish great-great-grandfather married a lady from the Philippines, but the mixing did not end there. After Mars’ great-great-grandfather died, his Filipina great-great-grandmother took a Chinese gentleman as her new husband about 10 years later.

What this all means for Bruno Mars is that he may find relatives in the audiences at his concerts in Spain, the United States, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Hungary. If anyone were to ask, they may even be able to convince him to take a DNA test.

Determining whether or not people are related can be something fun to do, but for some people the issue is much more serious. They need to learn whether or not they are a child’s father. Learning the answer to this question has become much easier in recent years because people can obtain a paternity testing kit right at their local pharmacies. They can even purchase a paternity DNA testing kit online to maintain their privacy.

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